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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Alien Adventure

So, I was late.
So, I was a bit tired, a bit overworked. Nothing new there.
So, we agreed, I'd take a test on the weekend if there was no news.
Then yesterday, with some helpful nagging from my best friend back home, I got on with it and went to the chemist.

Hubby got home: "so, did you take the test?"
Me (petulantly): "No, I thought you might want to do it together."

He comes to the bathroom, thinking I am wasting our time and money again...

Two big fat pink lines. No doubt about it.

Just in case, we got another kit, and tried again; big fat blue cross. Positive line was 3 times as thick and dark as the control line. Pregnant. Knocked up. Up the duff. Bun in the oven. Or "heavy" and "unfresh" as the tender local language puts it. Something is inside of me, growing, eating me. Preparing to leap out and change my life forever.

So here is my blog. Finally I think I have something to write about. Plus I need something to DO with myself on maternity leave.

4+5 (4 weeks plus 5 days since the start of my last menstural period - that's how they count it apperently.) Due 19th July 2005. What is due? I still can't use the "b" word....


  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger S.A.H.M. said…

    This is just the start of an amazing 9 month adventure. Some bits are crap - the puking and the heartburn but other bits are just amazing - the baby kicking and moving about. Enjoy every moment you can.

    And, from someone with experience - I decree that DH should do all the cooking, dishes and household chores for the next 9 months.

    Good luck to you both.


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