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Sunday, November 14, 2004

The to tell or not to tell dilemna

Do we tell? Who do we tell? Well, first our boss, 'cause we are making up the schedule for next year and it will screw things up royally if we don't let him know of our planned leave now. So that was agreed, for Monday. He will be discreet.

Best friend back home knows. Good to gossip, also 'cause she is mother-goddess and knows All Things. Spending most of my waking life (which is a lot - pregnancy insomnia) on the ivillage message boards with other newly pregnant women; so complete strangers know.

Hubby "sort of" told someone who was asking him about taking a summer job next year (Wow! That sounds like we are students or something! It is a GOOD summer job!)

No-one else, oh no, we are going to wait.

Well, that lasted a day and a half. Met a colleague at the pool today with his 3 month old baby and I was acting really weird. I offered to help him with the baby (deliver it to mum in the changing room) and he said: "but maybe you are a bit nervous with him" (which i am, 'cause he always bawls when i pick him up - not the best of omens, eh? I digress...). So I said: "well, I am going to have to practise...."

And then I just HAD to tell his wife. So I am not even 5 weeks pregnant, which is actually only 3 since I actually GOT pregnant (this arithmatic reminds me of the Italian football federation...) and I just can't keep my gob shut.

Can I hold it in? No no no no no. Am sure everyone who just looks at me knows anyway. Only visible sign is a big spot on my forehead.

I'll see my mum in about 2 weeks, so I will tell her then; then we see hubby's family the second week in December and once we tell both mums, there won't be a soul in Christendom and possibly beyond who won't have heard ;). I love you Ma, ti voglio bene, Mama :)



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