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Monday, November 15, 2004

My first non-visit to the Dr.

Well, today, the weather was so rubbish I was scared to take the car out, so decided to walk to work. Seeing as I was on foot, I thought, well, I might as well pass the dr. surgery and go in and find out when, what, where and with whom I am supposed to do.

Those who know me will realise that whilst my icelandic grammar is actually not too bad (I can even decline adjectives), my vocabulary leaves a lot to be desired. I did manage to explain that I was pregnant and how far along I was and told the receptionist that I just didn't have a clue when one would be expected to see a dr. and that I was really worried about travelling to Scotland (next week) because my case will be really heavy (and started to cry) and it was my first time and I was scared and bla bla bla....

Well, she directed me to the pregnant woman department (with a whole new name that sounds nothing like the words for either woman or pregnant) and I couldn't find it. Sheepishly went back upstairs to explain. She then phoned the hospital for me and gave me a number to call to book in for a scan. Now, I hate using the phone in Icelandic because it is just so difficult; face to face, you can at least use hand gestures. But a 40 minute walk out of my way to the hospital in a blizzard was not entirely appealing either.

So I gave up on the whole job and came into work and waited for hubby to finish with his meeting. He came in (with car, as it happened, having been braver than me) and we called the hospital together. The only appointment I could get before my trip was for tomorrow, but it was during a meeting here at work that both hubby and I ought to be at. Just bit the bullet and took it. Boss is coming over tonight for dinner, so we will explain then... I THINK I am getting a scan; but ultrasound is one of these Icelandic words that oddly enough I haven't come across before :)

Will let you all know, of course, as soon as I do.


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