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Monday, August 15, 2005

Six Weeks

So the boy shall be six weeks old tomorrow. Occassionally we are honoured with a smile and when we are, it is indescribably heartmelting.
Last week, I survived mastitis and a growth spurt which rather inconveniently coincided. But all is fine now. Put a spanner in my swimming schedule, but I'm back on track again.
Hubby is back at work which means pupo and I are by ourselves during the day and it is great. There's lots to do and it can be tiring, but it's never really difficult because pupo is such a chilled out little boy. Lucky us. I haven't yet manged to dissuade him from his 4 or 5am feed as he is always hungry, but we are still all managing to get a decent sleep. I go to bed early and hubby gives him a late night feed of expressed milk. I get up for the 4am shift then pupo and I both go straight back to sleep (well, usually, anyway! He has some moments...) then we sleep till 8 or so and start over again.

We're trying to plan our Christmas break just now., All a bit ahead of time, but hubby wants to do some teaching in Italy (i.e. easy way to get his fare paid! Thank you, EU taxpayers! In fact, EU taxpayers, you even paid for us to meet back in 1998...) so we need to get organised. And I need a new suit, which means trying to be in Glasgow for one day of Christmas sales.

Back to the housework for me now. Big pile of nappies and muslin squares to fold; milk to be expressed; Guardian to read....


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