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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sick baby = no fun :(

We have survived pupo's first "sickness." It seems he couldn't tolerate something in my milk - no idea what I ate, but I did have a lot of fruit so it might have been that. He was having trouble settling to sleep and then after his 3am feed, instead of going back to sleep, he screamed, and pooed (and not the usual innocuous breastfed poo, either) and screamed and threw up and screamed some more, till he ate again at 5am and then we repeated the whole thing. I just couldn't think what to do at the time; didn't occur to me to look up Marie Stoppard's baby care book at the time - it being 3am didn't exactly help. In retrospect, he must have been dehydrated and very thirsty because of the runs but all I could give him to drink was milk, which was the very thing that was upsetting him.

Of course, the next morning, when he is back to his usual self, I THEN look up Marie Stoppard to be told to call the doctor immediately. Oops, too late. Well, at least next time I'll know.

More to post, but the milk monster is awakening, so it'll have to wait...


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