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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bah Humbug

After a week of increasing backache, a sore hip and random pains low down I thought, SURELY pupo is on his way down.

Nope! Still not engaged. Lazy sod. It could well be August at this rate... hubby and his gran were both born on the 3rd of August, so it would be a good date - but I'm not sure I want to hang on quite that long.

It's our fourth wedding anniversary today and we had thought of going out for a meal. We probably would if we were in Scotland, Italy or Canada, but it is soooo expensive here that I don't want to eat out unless I am sure I can enjoy it. Right now, I just want to sleeeeeeeep. If I'm feeling really energetic, we might go to the pictures (a grand 5 minutes walk, so I will need to get a good rest this afternoon to prepare).

On the bright side, whilst I still have some research to be getting on with and some student meetings next week, I handed over my admin job to my colleague yesterday, and the university is shut in July, so no more boring admin or brain addling meetings till January :) AND we got our parental leave pay assessed and all looks well (though it looked v. bad at first, because they gave us zero personal allowance; this will be sorted once they get our tax cards. oh ok, maybe this is all nonsense to non-tax-law-bores, but the personal allowance alone is worth about 250 pounds a month, so don't knock it!).

The sofa beckons.



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