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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Cot is Up!

And it was a doddle! Just 12 screws, so hubby held and I screwed. (Oh, enough already of your dirty minds.) Looks very nice too, all white and sweet. It is 120cm long, but since a newborn is about 50cm long, all stretched out, pupo is going to disappear in it! We laid a babygrow in it and it looked so tiny.

Life is much more relaxed already in the absence of teaching. Just as well, seeing as I must have relaxed enough this weekend to allow myself to get sick and now have a sore throat and generally feeling sorry for myself condition. Not helped by the fact I can't drug myself up to the eyeballs. Afternoon nap yesterday turned out to be a bad investment as I then had terrible trouble sleeping during the night - made infinitely worse by hubby snoring, clearing throat, flipping about and generally being a royal pain in the butt. All his fault, of course, not the fact that I wasn't tired after my long nap and had a sore throat, sore back and sore head.

Mum and Dad arrive in a week and we shall go our Grand Tour. Should be fun. Relying on the trusty RomabĂ­ll not to break down and on the even less reliable pupo not to make a surpise appearance at the top of a glacier. He's been very quiet these past few days and I am trying not to worry as I'm sure in my head it is just a "growth spurt" (I've been knackered too and seem to have grown - AGAIN) but it is hard to not feel a wee bit nervous. Good excuse to eat chocolate though, just to coax him into action :)



  • At 12:26 PM, Blogger S.A.H.M. said…

    Or do what I did and go for 2 pints of Irn Bru!!! Not only did it coax him into action, it left me wired for most of the night. Calmed my nerves though that he was ok ;)

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