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Sunday, April 17, 2005

No tranquility in the frozen north

The inlaws have been and gone. I think they had a good time and we enjoyed their company, even if as soon as they were on the plane on Friday afternoon, I went to bed and slept for 2 hours.

Yesterday, as planned with much excitement, we went off to get a cot. We had already seen one we liked. We just had to pick out a mattress. Not a bit challenge, you would think. Except the store had only one really horrible cheap slab of bare foam, or, one really horrible cheap slab of foam covered loosely by a cheap, thin, raggedly and badly sewn piece of cotton. There is no way baby is sleeping on something that I wouldn't sleep on myself. Not happy. Hubby had no idea what the fuss was about - that was the cot mattress and why was I being so difficult? This store, is, incidentally, the only one in town that actually sells cots and cot mattresses. The next nearest being Reykjavik, five hours drive away. So I got a bit stressed and came home to look at the internet and a babyshop catalogue; hubby goes to wash the car. Hmmm... now, hubby washes the car no more than once per year. It was quite obviously an excuse to get away from me: she's upset about the cot, let her sort it out. She can try to translate the icelandic baby shop brochure, work out what is best, and then I shall just agree.

Hubby comes back, after over an hour. Car must be pretty damn clean. Comes in, talks about himself, then sods off to the kitchen: doesn't even ask me how I am getting on.

It might not be a complete exaggeration to suggest that I became hysterical. Said baby shop catalogue, with sisters from Ikea and another furniture shop made their way across the room and some newly painted doors were slammed....

We did eventually get somewhere and found something online - together, I might add, find something that might do that we can order from Reykjavik and pay some ridiculous delivery charge. We decided, again, together, to talk to the midwife on Tuesday and ask her what she thinks. Then last night I suddenly remembered a new bed shop that has opened in town that just might have cots. Fingers crossed...

27 weeks today: my pregnancy weeks now match my age :)


  • At 12:34 PM, Anonymous sahm said…

    Hope you get things sorted. A good bed makes all th difference. Grandma bought Boo a 2nd hand cot bed and matress this time round and he is sleeping better here than ever before. That could be because he is running about the garden from dusk 'til dawn too!!! :)

  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous sahm said…

    or perhaps that should be dawn 'til dusk!!!! D'OH!


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