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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Eins og hvalur

Told you so. For ages I've been moaning about how enormous I am and now it is official. The midwife thinks I am so big that she is sending me for an extra scan tomorrow morning just to make sure everything is ok (so I like to phrase it, although I'm really thinking "to see if anything is wrong"). It didn't occur to me being so big could be a sign of any problem, but since my uterus is the size of a woman a month more pregnant, they want to check. Surely if there were two in there someone would have noticed before now....

The bikini has been jettisoned in the name of decency. It was getting to the stage where it could only cover one boob at a time. Time to don the serious big black maternity swimsuit (thanks aunty JC!). I thought black would make me look smaller. Ha! Nope, look even bigger. Ah well.



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