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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pressie for BB :)

Grandma bought us a pram!! That is bb's grandma, my mum (this is going to get confusing...). My dear mum, who weaned herself off eBay only to become addicted to the shopping channel has bought us a big 3 in one with 30 cm wheels (this is the most important thing in Iceland) with carrycot, footmuff, raincover, the works :) :) :)
Now she just has to find a way to humpf all 19kg of it over to Iceland.

One of my colleagues had a baby last Thursday and yesterday I suddenly felt very jealous indeed! I want to be sitting at home all ay holding my baby :)

BB continues to grow and swim about and is taking particular pleasure on sitting/standing/jumping on my bladder at the most inappropriate times. Which lead me to wonder... how does one go for a pee if the baby is lying asleep in your arms? Do you put it down and risk waking it up? Do you just hold on? Hmmm... not sure my pelvic floor muscles will be up to such self control... better get squeezing.



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