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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Baby is "normal."

Just normal. What a disappointment. I wanted to be told he was fantastic, a genius, a football star in the making, an astrophysicist. But I guess that won't become apparent for a while yet, so we will settle for normal - for now, anyway.

So we had the scan today to check everything was in the right place. Apparently it is. I mentioned the insomnia and accompanied 4am anxiety and the doctor asked me if I was working "more than 100%" (which means more than 40 hours a week here). erm.... maybe. This was the same doctor that told me to take time off in January. He said he would write me a sicknote and I could work shorter hours on that basis. But that won't help me at all, because the work will just pile up till I come back and I will end up more stressed in the longrun. I tried to convince him that things were getting better. He offered me sleeping pills, but no thanks, not until I have tried absolutely everything else and then only if I am desperate.

We had a minor disagreement about the due date: he'd tried to put me down for 10th of July and I insisted it couldn't be so early. (I'm betting on the 19th). So we whipped up my top and had another look and he remeasured and we compromised on the 14th - Bastille Day and funnily enough the day I arrived in France and met the man who is now my husband. It matters what day they put down, because today's date is the "official" one and if I go more than 2 weeks over that date, they will put a lot of pressure on me to be induced. I really don't want this to happen and it being my first baby, it may well be a bit later. But if you stick my due date 9 days early, then that doesn't give me a proper chance at a natural birth.

So, tonight I polish off the last of the crispie cakes and read my trashy novel and drink some melissa tea and try not to worry about the fact that I am too worried to sleep. Gotta break this vicious circle!

19+1 (according to me)
anything up to 20+1 according to dr
18+1 if you go by the 8 week scan I had, when I was put back to 7 weeks. So there you go. Hardly an exact science.


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