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Friday, February 04, 2005

Back to Reality

So where have I been? The exciting truth is... my office, snowed under! I am feeling better, not "feeling" pregnant anymore, which is great as I can actually function like a normal human being but unfortunately during the weeks of feeling rubbish and having to be careful about things, all the admin piled up and up and up on my desk. And I have a paper to write for next week. And 15 essays to grade. And the schedule for next year to fix. And to make sure my teachers all describe their courses according to the bureaucratic system by Thursday next week (NOT going to happen: I asked them to do this in early November...).

And it all needs done by the end of next week; in fact, by Wednesday, because on Thursday I am off to Reykjavik to deliver said paper and I will come back on Friday.

Looks like I am in for another action packed weekend.

Sorry to neglect you all.

Oh, I nearly forgot (told you I wasn't feeling pregnant anymore) - I think I felt the baby move!! It wasn't a recognisable kick or anything, just a kind of weird feeling in my belly, like when I am extremely nervous: it reminded me of being a kid and knowing I was going to get in trouble, or walking into my doctoral defence.



  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger S.A.H.M. said…

    Hope everything work wise sorts itself out soon so that you can relax a bit. The "yikes I might be in trouble with Mum" butterflies in your tummy sounds like BB to me!!!!! :):):):)


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