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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Getting Organised

The week has been uneventful. Busy busy teaching, which has been tiring, especially since it starts at 8am and I have to get up extra early to allow time to nurse the toilet bowl. Grandmas are starting to express their excitement in knitting needles and asking us: "But what do you need?" I have no idea!! This weekend, we (ok, I, with hubby looking it over after and going "it looks fine") tried to prepare a list of basic essentials to get started. I had a friend, a mum, look it over and add a few things we had forgotten. How could we forget the muslin squares? Needless to say, it is rather a long list but the only real big investments are the nappies and paraphenalia (we want to use cloth), the pram, the cot and a car seat.

Hubby has gone off skiing today with some friends; I'll stay home and read and sleep and watch some football or an old movie. And try not to throw up (again). Countless people are telling me that I "should" be feeling better by now. Oh really? Every morning I wake up wondering if this will be the day when it stops. Every morning, I am disappointed. It can't last the whole nine months. Surely.... can it?

We see the midwife on Tuesday so I can finally find out something about the system here in Iceland, what kind of help to expect, what will happen in hospital and so on. I shall report.

14 weeks today


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