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Friday, December 24, 2004

National "delicacies"

Icelanders eat some strange things despite the fact that they don't have the excuse of being poor and desperate anymore. Meanwhile, my sense of smell is in overdrive, and I can smell hubby's burbs from 5 metres: outdoors or indoors.
Arrived at work today to find my colleague at his desk; after about 30 seconds I asked: "have you been eating hangikjöt?" Could smell it a mile off: heavily smoked leg of lamb. This is the traditional Christmas dinner, which they have, in fact, on the evening of the 24th, when families gather and presents are opened.
Today, the 23rd, is Þórlaksmessadagur: the day of Thorlak's mess, when everyone in the country is obliged to cook and eat rotten skate. Yes, rotten. Completely rank rotten. Colleague's girlfriend popped into the office, shortly after dining on this marvellous congestible and I could smell it even after she left. Home is no better, as the neighbours have all been at it, and the block stinks.

Makes one wish to be back in Italy :)



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