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Thursday, December 02, 2004


It is 7.45 and I am wondering whether to pester the hubby to get up. I've been up since 630 and only slept on and off all night. It is quite normal to get insomnia during pregnancy but in my case it was no doubt exacerbated by the fact I slept for 3 hours yesterday afternoon.
I got back from Glasgow on Tuesday night absolutely full of the cold and feeling miserable. It doesn't help that I am only allowed to take a "little" wimpy paracetamol and none of the good stuff which usually enables me to get back on my feet. The cold is a wee bit better today, but the nausea is back with a vengeance. Typical! I started to get morning sickness at the beginning of last week, on Friday (whilst in Glasgow) I had my first proper chunder, and it just comes and goes. Some days I am fine, others I feel nauseaus all day. The one sure thing to get me going is sitting in the car for even 5 minutes.
The main news is: I told my mum and dad and my sister. Mum came off the bus and immediately said: "let's leave this [case] in left luggage and go shopping!!!" with a big glint in her eye. Not quite where I had planned to tell her, but I had to explain my lack of interest in slinky size 8 party frocks and my sudden desire to go to Mothercare. I gave her a ball of baby wool and some knitting needles and she just looked totally glaikit for a minute before the truth dawned. She seemed pretty happy though :) Dad was delighted when I told him on the phone too and sent me wee messages telling me to look after the two of us and such things. Think he might secretly be the most excited of all. My sister sounded really happy too.
Am totally rubbish with secrets and the worst liar of all time, so I told my friends as well, but in fact, they were much more on the ball than any of my family. My immaculately dressed lawyer friend said something about being scruffy on the weekend and I said I was going to start wearing tracksuits and the girls immediately went: "Why?: in THE most suspicious tone. Told them I was going to put on a bit of weight and they both screamed and hugged me :)
Hubby's folks next weekend when we go to Italy on our Grand Tour of The Relatives.

Back to work for me now.
7+4 (don't those numbers look big now?!)


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