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Thursday, November 18, 2004


Yesterday, "they" came and changed the photocopier so that now we need a card and they didn't even tell us!!! How is that possible?! So of course, I only find out 30 minutes before a meeting when I go to prepare all the documents. I don't have a card; I have to go out in the snow to another building to find someone WITH a card; nobody else's cards are working, ┬┤cause the system is screwed up, and aaaaagggggghhhhhh!!!!!!

It's probably fair to say that I overreacted.

Then, I got really annoyed at said meeting because I was the only one that had prepared, which meant it took 3 times longer than necessary. Not amused.

And then of course I went home and got myself in a right state worrying if the stress could harm the baby!!

I need to find some nice natural ways to calm down. At least PMS only lasts for a couple of days. Today, I have been very busy, but safely tucked away in my office and away from Other People. But I am also now really paranoid that they will just think I am "weird" because they don't know why. On the other hand, my ever so lovely boss did point out that one of the benefits of always being "a grump" was that no-one would notice I was pregnant. hmmm....

But good news too! I got an article published in Human Rights Quarterly, which is a really good American journal :) This is very exciting and justifies all the money I got from a research fund earlier this year :)

The scan was a non-event, by the way, although it was very nice to meet the mid-wife and ask all my stupid questions. We couldn't make out anything on the screen because it was too early. We go back the 7th December, so hopefully by then we will see a heartbeat :)



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