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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"Morning" sickness: good or bad?

This morning began with the usual alarm clock trauma, followed shortly after by a nasty session of wretching and vomit. So nasty, in fact, so little in my stomach and such unrelenting wretching that my throat started to bleed until I was wretching up only blood. Lovely. And here was me thinking that this stage was behind me. As a result, my throat, only just beginning to recover from a cold, has been throbbing all day and I have pains in my abdomen that I keep forcing myself to believe are just strained muscles from the wretching.
Oh, the good part.... em... well, if I have morning sickness, it means my body is still producing pregnancy hormones and I have more reasons to believe the pregnancy is fine.

Hubby and I had the most lovely relaxing New Year weekend away in a cottage in the back of beyond, surrounded by mountains and snow with our very own frozen over lake. We scoffed 1kg of chocolates between us (hey, at least I have an excuse for my expanding waistline) and the most exerting thing we got around to was a few games of dominos. I even managed to read a whole novel. What a treat! Just what the dr. ordered, literally. Nonetheless, bb likes to keep mum and dad aware of the fragility of his presence with totally random acts of bleeding. Much better when it comes from the throat.

Now that the 12 week milestone has come and gone, we are Officially Telling People, although I am a bit nervous. Its an awful lot of emails to send out again if the unthinkable were to come to pass. But it won't, it can't and bb is just practing being a royal pain in the butt for when he arrives in July. Why do I think we won't have one of those quiet babies who never cry and sleep all night?....

Happy New Year! Hopefully the happiest time of all for hubby and I in July.


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