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Saturday, December 25, 2004

I'll give you White Christmas

To set the scene: yesterday, we had a blizzard from the north. Bad enough that it comes straight from the north pole, but considerably worse, because the mountains round this sleepy town are east, south and west, so there is nothing to stop the north wind hurtling down the fjord.
Snow and fallen
Snow on snow
Snow on snow
In the bleak mid winter
Not so long ago.

Today, Christmas day (well, our Christmas day, but the Icelanders all celebrated yesterday) we woke up and it was worse! The trusty romabill, whilst good hearted and mostly reliable was not going to make it out the drive. The snow was past my knees, and I am considerably taller than her. It was too early and there had been no other traffic to flatten the snow.

But we had to go to the hospital for a scan because I had had a wee bit of bleeding, very small, but repeated, and the dr. thought it best to take a look. So we battled our way through the blizzard for the best present of all: our baby is just fine! It is now 4cm long, with a strong little heart (which I managed to pick out on the screen this time), a big head and torso and little arms and legs. It was moving about in response to the ultrasound and the dr. says that all looks good :) My dates are put back to where I thought; either that or we both ate too much lasagne and troffie in Italy :)

And hubby got a chance to wear his new ski suit :) Thanks, Mum!

We popped into church again on the way home. We had gone last night, both to the Lutheran mass and the midmight mass at the Catholic church, but we were felt a lot to be thankful for this morning. Don't tell my dad, but I was even praying to the Virgin Mary! Well, I thought she might know something about being pregnant and scared and loving your child. She was there for her son through everything, the darkest times, right till the end, when she (in my humble, possibly heretical, opinion) suffered at least as much as he did by witnessing his pain.

Off for some goose now with some friends. yum yum.

Happy Christmas!!!!


  • At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    For what it counts, this 'piece' (?) did make me cry... and i'm not even pregnant!!!!!!
    by an anonymous nana arguta (easier to post this way rather than having to go through 'registration'!!!))


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