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Friday, January 07, 2005

Can I relax now, please?

I haven't posted for a couple of days as I was waiting to see the Dr. today to make sure everything was OK. And it is! Baby is fine, still growing, still annoying his mammy. Now we could make out his hands and feet and see the cord and even the early development of the face. It is quite incredible. From now on, the main thing he is going to do is get bigger.

The dr. said: "all the major developmental risks are passed: if anything happens to the baby now, it will be an external thing."
He means: "Relax, your baby is fine and all the big dangers are passed."
I hear: "If anything goes wrong now, it is Your Fault!"

I'm still to take things easy, but we are all hopeful that the bleeding is now behind me. My boss is going to help me out by teaching some classes for me, so I don't have such an intense schedule which will be a great help. The sickness is worse than ever but I can live with that as long as bb is fine.

Some bad news though... Roma lost the derby last night. Gutted. I actually had nightmares about it.



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