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Friday, January 21, 2005

I dreamt my baby!

Last night I dreamt of my baby. He was about 5 months old and had been staying with my mum and dad for a few days while hubby and I had been off doing something (no idea what). We got back and I went in to see him and his face was just beaming with joy to see me. I could cry just thinking about it. It was my sister's wedding and there were loads of people around, but I couldn't take my eyes of my baby and just wanted to play with him. At some point I ended up in the wedding dress, but I was still playing with the baby and pretty oblivious to all the people around me.
OK, so you can have a good laugh when I give birth to a girl. And admittedly, said dream baby had suspiciously straight sandy coloured hair... hmmm....

Must have been all the excitement of yesterday. I went to my first maternity yoga class. I thought I was fit and athletic from all my swimming. But the yoga was all slow movements and stretching and my back and arms were aching by the end. I also have a suspicion they are "natural childbirth fanatics" - I'll need to turn off my icelandic ear at that point. Yes, childbirth is "natural" and yes, the pain is "normal". But a migraine is natural and normal and we don't just carry on and say "well, this is just nature taking her course," no, we take a pill. So whilst I won't decide in advance what pain relief I want, I at least want to find out what is available so when I am in pain, I can decide what, if anything I need. At the end, we all had to relax and the midwife went about sticking pins in people's foreheads... I'd already indicated that pins were coming nowhere near me but nonetheless, I was too scared to shut my eyes and "relax" in case she stuck a pin in me when I wasn't looking.

Yesterday also saw teh arrival of lots of pressies for me, yeah! I got a bunch of clothes I had ordered from a British company and they are just fantastic. I got a suit, a long pretty dress, a light cardigan and a long sleeved top for a bargain 75 pounds in the sale and they all look fantastic. Mummy also sent me a calendar of the area where I grew up. And my dear best friend sent me a couple of books and magazines to help me get a bit more organised. There's a sensible Miriam Stoppard book which looks quite medical (good, I know nothing!) and also the Baby Whisperer, which my friend swears by for her own baby but, wisely, suggests may not suit every parent or child. So now, I can look all professional in my new suit AND read up and become an expert (maybe... I think in 20 years I will still be a beginner!)

Sickness keeps promising to get better (yesterday just a small wretch; Tuesday good) but then comes back (today, Wednesday), although today I think was triggered by picking up my lovely urine sample and finding the bottle still warm... it doesn't take much to gross me out these days! (sorry if too much info!) Off to the doc's to drop it off and get a blood test - seems I can't avoid the pinsticking forever.



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