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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

We met the midwife today, who was lovely and young and fun. The word for midwife in Icelandic is ljósmoðir which is literally "light mother."

We were there for over an hour covering all the usual questions and she listened for the heartbeat, which I had prepared myself not to find, and there it was, clear as a bell! Hubby's face just lit up; I have never seen him smile so broadly. The midwife was a bit worried about the bleeding I have had (still no sex :( )But at least I am allowed to sit in a not-too-hot hot tub for not-too-long which should be nice for my stiff old back. I've got to go for a blood test on Friday as fobbing her off with results of one I had 4 years ago in Toronto wasn't going to do, unfortunately ;)

We meet again in five weeks and I should keep seeing the same midwife for the whole pregnancy; until birth, when the hospital midwives will take over. Plenty time to find out about the hospital procedures; I'm hoping not to be strapped down with my legs in stirrups a la Monty Python's Meaning of Life....



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