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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lessons in pregnancy etiquette

A couple of weeks ago, I said, "I would be sick till next Christmas if it means my baby is OK."
I TAKE IT BACK!!! Yesterday and today I was teaching at 8am, which involve crawling out of bed at 6.30 and spending much of the time in between getting intimate with Mr Gustavsberg till vomit was running out of my nose and I was spitting up blood. NO MORE! Please!

There are two reactions that I commonly experience when people learn of this: they almost always start with a raised eyebrow and "are you STILL throwing up?" Either they tell me I "should" be feeling better by now (as described in an earlier post) and then I want to hit them. Or they tell me a story of their sister, aunt, friend, friend of friend, friend of friend of friend who was sick all the way through till the birth and beyond. This is not exactly endearing either.

So, when you see the shadows under my eyes and I am clearly exhausted and can't find the energy to teach standing up, all you have to say is this:
"Poor you."


  • At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Ex_pat_mama,

    Sorry to post randomly on your blog - I came across it after reading my friend Alasdair's, who's a friend of Joy. Anyway, I remembered reading about an audio tape which counteracts morning sickness on the BBC News website a few months ago:


    Apparently it helped 90% of those who used it, many of whom got rid of the morning sickness entirely. (The thought of morning sickness has always put me right off getting pregnant, which is why it stuck in my mind). It might be worth a shot, as it sounds like you're having a miserable time right now :-(

    Hope you feel better soon!



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