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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Bare Faced Horror

Yesterday I wasn't teaching, which meant I got to stay in bed till the positively slothful 8am. There was no point in getting up earlier, because I had to go for the blood test (very traumatic, thought I was going to faint and wretched six times on my way to the clinic). As I wasn't teaching, and had planned to spend at best half a day in the office (it didn't work out that way, it never does), I couldn't be bothered putting on the usual mandatory minimum make up. Bad move. No less than three people asked me how I was and said I needed to sleep more as I looked tired and sick.Ouch! How bad do I look without make-up? I mean, I was a bit tired and had been wretching a lot but that was me with a long lie!
Oh dear. Let's hope the baby is better looking: not sure what is worse - taking after me or taking after its dad....


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