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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Nocturnal Acrobatics

I believe I have reached the pinacle of Stupid Injury proficiency.
Pregnancy is, as you may have noticed, a strange condition that does strange things to one's body (in my case, rather strange to begin with). For some weeks, I have been suffering from random leg cramps which usually strike in the middle of the night and are not exercise related (I don't even have to move for them to start.) Last night, whilst happily dreaming of marking a multiple choice exam and discussing with a colleague whether the right answer was d) all of the above; or a) Princess Margr├ęt of Denmark likes stew, such a cramp took over my left leg. It was agonising; the worst cramp I have ever had and I leapt out of bed yelling and crying and being completely unable to release it. Hubby came to the rescue and helped me pull the cramp out. He's been watching too much football on telly, because he was pretending to be a football physio. Which is a nice job, now I come to think about it... hmmm.....
Back to the point, whilst we managed to release the cramp eventually, the pain never fully went away and today to add to my sore back and sore head, I now have a sore leg, as though I have pulled a muscle.
And my friend in Canada thought I must be elegant. How little she knows.

Limp, limp...



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