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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Don't read this if you are pregnant!

It's 3.15 on Wednesday and I am counting the minutes till I can go off for my swim and a quiet night. In all honesty, I don't normally do this at work, but I slept badly last night and have had trouble focussing all day.

On Saturday, when I went for a walk with hubby, I had four "contractions." My belly went really tight but there was no pain. I put it down to "Braxton Hicks contractions" which are little practice contractions that don't hurt and don't signify the start of labour. It seemed a bit early, but then, I do seem to be pretty "big for dates", so I just accepted it. I had another on Monday after a light swim so perhaps light exercise brings them on. Nothing to worry about, though.

Last night, in the middle of the night, I had one so strong it woke me up. It wasn't painful, but I woke up to the same tension across my belly. All would have been fine, had I not gone back to sleep to have the most horrible dream. I dreamt I went into labour, now, (i.e. at 21 weeks) and lost the baby. BB gave me a good kicking when I woke up as if to say: "hey, I'm still here!" but I was still upset. I spoke to my friend who is a nurse with four kids of her own and she assured me that it wasn't too early to have Braxton Hicks and that as long as there was no pain, or any bleeding, etc. it really wasn't anything to worry about. Hard to concentrate today, nonetheless, as I've kept feeling very sad.

Not nice at all. I KNOW it is only a dream and it shouldn't upset me so much but it is hard just to forget about it.

Mother in law thinks I am enormous and should eat less. Hmmm... you think I'm not trying to eat less?! I am constantly starving and only want bread, pasta and chocolate. I'm laying off the chocolate, but I can't give up my bread and pasta. If I don't have my 4-6 slices of toast and cheese for breakfast I feel hungry and miserable all morning. And that can't do the baby any good, now, can it? She called the baby "er pupo" and I think we might pick up the name. It is Roman dialect for "the kid" and seeing as my little champ is going to grow up and play for AS Roma, and seeing as the captain of Roma is widely known as "er puppone" (the big kid - not being exactly famed for his intellect), bb might as well start learning Romanesco early on. In addition to English, Italian, Icelandic and Genovese....



  • At 8:20 AM, Blogger S.A.H.M. said…

    Checking back in the good old pg diary revealed I was 'Braxton Hicking' in Feb so all sounds normal to me. Totally odd sensation though and carries on right through the pg. As "Bob" got bigger I would get them and then just as they finished Bob would kick me really hard - as if to say "Oy, stop squeezing me!!!!" They can be kinda sore but good to know everything is working :)


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