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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sore Belly :(

oooowwww, ooooooh, got a sore belly, feel sick :(
Maybe I have the bug that is going round.
Maybe it is sympathy for my best friend's wee boy (see the Acorn Diaries Link).
Maybe it is 'cause I ate a giant piece of cake with meringue, cream, caramel....

ooops, did I just say meringue? That would be raw egg, eh? Slap my wrists here; or tell me not to be stupid. Either; I know you have an opinion; I know you are itching to give it. GO ON, SHARE IT NOW, I KNOW YOU WANT TO.

Er pupo is doing very well these days in the material stakes. Yesterday I ordered a batch of cloth nappies and am slightly ashamed to admit that I am sooooo excited about them!! They are just adorable, in orange, lical, yellow and white, with wraps (oh, for goodness sake, get with the programme, warps are overpants) in various ecological prints. A package awaits pupo at the post office, full of goodies from my mum. Hubby's parents arrive tomorrow, no doubt with more pressies, including handmedowns from a cousin that I am hoping include lots of sensible baby vests as opposed to dry clean only kilt suits and taffeta.

Meanwhile, everyday I feel more and more in love with this little baby, more and more excited to feel him. Even when I would rather sleep or study. It's so CUTE being disturbed by him :) We watched a programme the other night on premature babies - born before 25 weeks, i.e. even smaller than pupo. It was just amazing. Every day, pupo gets bigger and stronger and healthier. Every day his chances of being born healthy and without any disability that might 'cause him suffering increase. That being said, he can jolly well stay where he is until I've finished teaching! Three and a half weeks to go....



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