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Monday, April 04, 2005

Monster baby

Er pupo definitely likes his attention. His kicks are getting harder all the time. It is becoming hard to sleep because of the frequent lashings. This morning, as I quietly read my constitutional law textbook in preparation for next week's teaching, he was kicking me so strongly that my sweater was moving up and down. Everything seems to be happening so early with this pregnancy, but I guess it is all normal and just me that is taken by surprise. What more can happen in the next 15 weeks? (NB: rhetorical question: please do not reply with gory details!)

I have managed to lose a kilo of weight since last weekend, through no efforts whatsoever, so I presume it is just water. It does give me hope that the other 10 will fall off easily in July, however. Er pupo is definitely not suffering for my new slimline figure ;) I was told today that I "sounded" heavy as I walked along the corridor: by a colleague with a bigger belly than me, so I told him to lay off till I was heavier than him.



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