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Sunday, April 03, 2005


Today we took yet another step in the "preparing for parenthood." All those bottles of drain cleaner and paint stripper that say "Keep out of reach of children" are now, for the first time, actually out of reach of children. We may need to invest in cupboard locks at some point, but for now, just moving the toxic stuff out the way seems a good start. Pupo won't be going anywhere on his own for the first six months, but it doesn't do any harm to childproof our house one step at a time: don't think I could take the shock of doing it all in one go. Oh, just remembered the "liquor cabinet" is in fact nothing more than the bottom shelf of our bookcases in the living room, so that'll have to go too... what else? Do tell.

The inlaws come next week, which, I am happy to say, is very welcome news. They've been promising to come for ages, but there is always some reason, so I never believe them till they have actually bought their tickets. Last week, they finally got organised and booked, so they arrived on Thursday. They have visited before but have never seen our flat and didn't stay with us the last time. I'm very fortunate in having fantastic inlaws who spoil me rotten and a mother in law who will cook, clean, wash, iron for me :) Just a shame she lives in Italy, 'cause I could do with getting a wife come July :) She'll be back then, of course, as will my parents, to meet their first grandchild.

So, till then, back to gazing in fascination at my belly button, 'cause I can actually see all the way to the bottom of it for the first time in my life. Easily amused me.



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