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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Ooooh Lucky Me!

Work do, last night, to celebrate the end of term. HURRAH!!! Finally here! I am still working, but can put in much fewer hours and do lots at home :) And I got a surprise bonus in my paycheck of about 160 GBP, so that will buy a few babygrows.

I managed to win TWO prizes in the raffle, both of them enormously useful for someone in my condition:
1) 2 hours on a sunbed. hmmm... not something I would consider at the best of times. If I want a tan, I'll go to Italy and get a tan. What do people DO for 2 hours sitting on a sunbed? All sounds very odd. Still, my friend says she'll use it so it won't go to waste.

2) A half hour golf lesson with a pro and 1 round of golf for two people. 18 holes. To be taken this summer. Summer, I might add, is looking a long way off (yes, I know we had a holiday for the first day of summer, but May Day tomorrow has brought with it sleet again, so I'm not getting my bikini out just yet). I have never golfed. Not posh enough, not by far. No idea how to hold a club and swing it. Though I do suspect that the rather large bump in front of me could pose some logistical problems. And 18 holes! I reckon I could manage to walk about 2 and then need a good long nap to recover. That's without the 16 shots to actually pot the ball (or whatever refined golfing expression may be.) Perhaps they will let me take one a day for 18 days... that's if there ARE 18 days of summer in Iceland...

Just relieved I didn't win the one month's membership of the gym. Phew!

I had some trouble getting into my maternity "party" frock so I wasn't in the most self confident of spirits going out. The belly was fine, oh yes, it all floats about there and has lots of room. Unfortunately, the designer seems to have failed to take into account the fact that one's boobs tend to inflate during pregnancy and the size 10 was more than a little optimistic. Still, people (trying to be kind, I am sure) told me I looked "nice." Including one woman who said I looked "handsome." Then spoiled it all by adding: "You must be what? 8 months?" Ouch! I'm now terrified that someone will come up to me in August and ask me when the baby is due...

Meanwhile, it seems I was somewhat harsh on the parents of chicken-pox child: turns out they hadn't realised she had chicken pox till they got to the party and only realised then. I'm not showing any signs, but then the incubation period for chicken pox is a ridiculous 10-14 days so there's still time. But mummy assures me that I had it bad as a baby and should be fine. I shall be here to moan should the worst transpire.



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