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Monday, June 27, 2005

Counting Down

It seems my dear friends had a good visit, despite rubbish weather for much of their stay. They are currently enjoying the delights of Reykjavik, though if they have any sense, they will go out into the country as often as possible.

Pupo continues to enjoy the comfort of the womb and has still not engaged. I am officially due in a little under 3 weeks, according to me, 3 weeks tomorrow. But I have my doubts. Goodness, I will need to start counting in days.

My friends brought with them our mammoth supply of cloth nappies, which are fabulous. I spent the weekend washing which has left me stiff and grumpy (something that my friends will tell you rarely afflicts me, ahem...). My hip is quite sore, which is probably because of all the traipsing up and down the stairs with the laundry but may (fingers crossed) be a sign that baby is finally on its way south. Or maybe not.

Woah, what a boring blog. Just NOTHING of interest to report. Tired, grumpy, friends have left, sore to stand, sit down, lie down, get up....



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