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Monday, May 09, 2005

30 weeks

and all is well. We're getting ready to go our Grand Tour of Iceland. Mum and Dad arrive on Tuesday and we will set off our holidays on Thursday. We start off in a summer house for a few days together. A summer house with central heating, I should add, seeing as it was snowing the other day. But it is sunny now and if all goes well, it will at least stay dry. Er pupo is behaving himself and will hopefully stay put at least till I get home. In fact, at least until July because I have house guests coming in June. Hubby arrived at about this stage, 30 years ago but we're not planning any surprises this time.

Thankfully I seem to have stopped growing, at least for a bit, so, although I have looked 7 months pregnant for about 2 months, I STILL only look 7 months pregnant, now I actually am 7 months pregnant. As long as I can still fit in the car for our trip :)

I'll be back towards the end of May.



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