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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Orders from the midwife today are to "relax." Given that I had just spent 10 minutes describing all the places in my body that hurt, I should hardly have been surprised, but I still was a bit! She thinks if I take a few d
ays and do nothing I might feel better again. But how does one do "nothing."? What is "nothing"?

Hubby is willing to do everything in the house, sort of... he says if I "can't" do something, then just to tell him and he'll do it. But what is "can't"? I mean, I can do the dishes, it just takes me 3 times as long, 'cause I get big contractions and can hardly stand up. But I still can do them. I don't want him to think I am being lazy or "playing the pregnancy card" 'cause I just can't be bothered. My back is really sore now though, so maybe I'll just have to ask. (Given that last weekend, I not only did my whole share of the housework and went to the university graduation ceremony, but I also decided to empty and clean the fridge - which wasn't dirty - and dust the skirting boards, maybe this weekend I should just glue my butt to the sofa.) Tomorrow is Independence Day, not that anyone bothered to tell me, but I noticed that the swimming pool was to be shut, so sensibly inquired of my office manager and yes, hurrah, I do have a day off. So, relaxing it is. Maybe. hmm... Is it still relaxing to wander about the town and see what is going on?

Stretchmarks decided to double in intensity between last night and this morning. Midwife tells me they will become "beautiful memories." Yeah, right. And I am going to relax for 3 days.

Got some friends coming on Sunday for a few days which will be brilliant :) They are old friends who will not expect me to play "host" and are quite capable of finding their own way around the kitchen, so they won't make any extra work for me. Should be really fun to catch up too. Weather is rubbish, but hopefully will brighten when they arrive.



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