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Sunday, June 05, 2005

So that's what they're for

Muslin Squares. I discover at least one of their multipurposes. But let me start at the beginning.

We had some friends over for lunch yesterday with their baby girl, nearly four months old. She needed a nap and rather than them go home, I suggested she nap in the carrycot part of the pram. It was quite exciting giving it a "shot" :) (I am sad and have no life. I've been pregnant for 8 months, for goodness sake, of COURSE I have no life.) So I stick a sheet on it "just in case" and she has a wee nap for about 45 minutes. And in this time, manages to barf on the carrycot! Right through the sheet to the mattress cover.

No harm done, I handwashed the mattress cover at 30' as per instructions and there is no stain. BUT, I have learned the virtues of muslins squares. Fold one up, stick it under the head and bob's your uncle. And here I had been worrying about leaky nappies. Babies, it seems, emit noxious substances from every end.

Here endeth my lesson.

Off out to enjoy the sunshine on "seamen's day" - probably the biggest holiday in Iceland, but sadly no day off work tomorrow.

34 weeks today


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