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Friday, May 27, 2005

The Pram is Here!!

Finally! Only took 3 weeks, numberless visits to the shipping company, an inspection by the customs man and over 2 hours to assemble (one of which was spent trying to work out how to put the hood up and down on the carrycot). But here it is, and it is fabulous :) Thank you, mummy/grandma :)
Very happy indeed.

Had been planning to do the babywashing this weekend and Get Prepared but I'm not sure I feel inspired now. Might wait till next weekend in the hope that I can find it "exciting" rather than just another chore. My back is rubbish today, because I rolled over onto it during the night and woke up really stiff :( But at least I can "work from home" = lounge on sofa reading a book and getting paid for it :)

Weekend plans are cleaning and shopping. Haud me back, as they say in Glasgow. I might take a wee drive up the fjörd to go check out our personal iceberg as it is lying quite near the coast and I could get a good look. No polar bears, thankfully (all very cute on tv, but vicious sods on land, especially if they are starved having been stuck on an iceberg for 3 weeks).

The midwife suggested we ring up the hospital and arrange a "tour" of the birthing suite, etc. but I really can't be bothered this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Not sure if I am just in denial about the whole thing or just tired. But I'm quite sure my enthusiasm will return and I will be champing at the bit to go check it all out soon enough.



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