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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Perhaps a little optimistic?

This morning, we shall attempt to take pupo to church with his Italian grandparents. This is a baby with fairly regular eating patterns, but a baby all the same whom I don't have the confidence to feed in public and whom, even if I had the confidence to feed in public, I would not feed in the catholic church of the single most conservative Irish priest I have ever encountered. He's managed to hang on long enough this morning that he should last out the service. Nonetheless this morning, this "bright idea" suddenly seems very dumb indeed.

My mum went home yesterday which leaves only the Italian grandparents. Pupo will need to be christened at some point (though in the "proper" church) but it is going to be impossible to have everybody here for that. How inconsiderate of him to arrive 2 weeks early when the lutheran minister was on vacation; now the minister is back, but my parents are away. Hubby's folks can't come over again this year and my parents are starting to think it is a bit too much. So maybe we will have him christened before hubby's folks go home. I feel bad though because I always assumed my parents (and his) would be part of it. Can't have everything, I suppose.

Time to grab breakfast in the 30 seconds I have left before pupo wakes up bawling for his breakfast.


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