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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bad Mummy (already!)

We're off to a wedding this afternoon, which means leaving pupo for an hour and a half. I have some expressed breast milk that I hope he won't have to take, as I hope he can hang on till I get back anyway (grandparents will take him out for a walk, which usually keeps him down.On the positive front, got a nice skirt that I can get into and control pants that means it even looks quite good ;)I'll have him walking to kindergarten by the age of 2...

The grandparents are here and being a big help - even if I am not very often in a mood for "entertaining." Hubby doesn't seem to understand that it is less tiring for me to run off to do the laundry (i.e. hide, hide hide) than to sit on the sofa making pleasant conversation. Just can't be xxxxed. Want to be alone with hubby and baby. It is enough for me to find the time and energy to feed my gluttonous wee boy, change him, play with him and sleep and eat myself, without having to worry about other people.

Pupo ADORES his dad; such a daddy's boy, which is brilliant. I think it is much to do with the fact that for the whole first day of his life, I couldn't stand up by myself, let alone lift or change him so he got used to his dad. It would have been so different if daddy hadn't been able to be in hospital all the time - then it would have been midwives who would have then been out of his life. Daddy is so good at playing with him. Sometimes I feel like I can't do enough for him. He gets his playtime after he eats and I am often exhausted and can't find the energy to give him such fun activities. (Yesterday he guzzled for a whole hour, hardly stopping for breath - surely too early for a growth spurt!) I do not grudge daddy at all, not for a second; I am delighted that he is so good with pupo and that pupo loves him so much. It's just that I wish I could do such a good job. I know how to play with him, what he needs, what he enjoys and what is good for him, but I can't always find the energy to do as much with him as I would like. But I won't be this tired forever, I'm sure.

10 days


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