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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Wishful thinking...

For 3 mornings in a row now, I have woken about 4am and then again at 8am with quite sore cramps low down and backache. Could it be? Could it? I mean, it probably isn't but... could it? PLEASE let it be it....!!! But nah, as soon as I get out of bed and walk around it goes away. I'm kidding myself. Pupo won't turn up for a couple of weeks yet, but, well, he COULD and, well, that would be great....

I've booked myself in for a pregnancy massage on Thursday. All terribly posh but I think it will be very good for my generally achy body and as my mum rightly said, I might as well pamper myself now, 'cause I won't have a chance once pupo is here. But if he happens to turn up before that, I will happily forego the massage ;)

Just as long as he hangs on long enough for me to finish defrosting the freezer. Nesting... sigh....



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