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Friday, September 02, 2005

I need my day off!

This week we have had an epic battle with nappy rash. Actually, it started the end of last week, got better over the weekend, then came back with a vengeance. One endlessly screaming child who poos at least 12 times a day, plus lots of "unlucky farts" in between. One very frazzled mother. Both housebound as pupo has to have a naked bum as much as possible. I haven't had a day off for soooo long as last weekend, hubby was driving our visitors around and the weekend before went off to pick mushrooms and the following day helped his friend set up a party. When I say a day off, I don't actually mean a day off. I really mean a day when hubby and I do "half and half." Normally I wouldn't mind but this with the nappy rash, it's all got a bit much and I'm ashamed to admit I am looking forward very much to hubby coming home from work to take over.

So, tomorrow, I get my long promised "day off" and I have informed hubby that I will be available for feeding but he must do the rest because I need my day off to work. I need to write a book review, for which I volunteered long before boy got nappy rash. I really want to do it, too, as it is an interesting book. It's on the European constituion. No, honestly, it IS interesting. I only need to write 500 words, but it does require some concentration.

So hubby phones to say shall we all go to a lake tomorrow and go fishing? Given that it is highly unlikely that pupo has the manual dexterity to hold a rod and given that same pupo needs to be near me to get fed (he can't even take a bottle to the lake, 'cause there is nowhere to keep it cold), what he really means is can HE go fishing with his friends. NO NO NO NO NO you bloody cannot. I have to write my book review. I am at the end of my tether wiping this boy's butt 200 times a day and listening to him scream for hours at a time. You will look after your child this Saturday. End Of Conversation.

Thankfully, the nappy rash seems to be under control. Or at least, yesterday, it looked under control; today his cheeks are red, so God only knows what we are meant to do as we have tried everything.

I don't know how to keep this boy clean. I'm exhausted and frustrated because I can't get out of the house. I love him to bits; I just want his butt to get better. Fast.

Yet, I know I should count my blessings 'cause after all, I still have a relatively healhty and happy little boy and I wouldn't swap that for anything.


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