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Thursday, September 08, 2005

oooo, it makes me mad!

Just got a banner ad for me to donate cash to the richest country in the world so they can hire lots of consultants from Halliburton to manage projects to tidy up after a hurricane of which they had plenty notice. Now, I consider myself a decent global citizen and I do contribute to charity. But I object to being asked for cash so that the richest country in the World can keep their taxes low and their poor poor. I have great sympathy for the victims of this hurricane, especially those who did not have a car or are mobility impaired or simply had nowhere to go. I have no sympathy for a Government that can find billions for military contracts and not millions to repair the homes of poor civilians.
It seems Ms Katrina did what certain hijackers failed to do. Quite ironic, really. This was a natural disaster for which, whilst notice was given, noone can be considered directly to blame (unless we go round the long route of carbon emissions, etc., in which case every car owning person might be blamed.) Yet, after glaring intelligence failures and a quite deliberate attack, noone dared be so unpatriotic.

Ah, 'tis a strange country. God bless Europe!


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