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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Healthy, happy, hurrah

Dagmamma recovered; we have managed to stay healthy. Pray let it continue. We celebrated the Chinese New Year and perhaps the pig is bringing us fortune. Er pupo resembles more and more the porcine race, in terms of appetite and table manners. He is thoroughly happy and keeping us in good spirits with his own joie de vivre. My mother is finally out of hospital, though "well" would be too strong a word. Hopefully that will all right itself soon.
What can i add? Since times of sickness, we have been very busy working to try to catch up and keep up, and running around after duracell boy who is now so uberconfident with his vespa that he drinks and drives, uses his mobile phone and drives, and tries to take it down the stairs. (Did you spot the oxford comma? Is that the thing now? It wasn't when I was taught at school but now I see it everywhere. The Americans use it, so that can't be a good sign. But then it's the OXFORD comma, so surely that counts for something...) Anyway, the vespa: I have to hide the damn thing in the morning to prevent the inevitable screaming and turning into an overcooked spaghetto when he's told he can't take it to dagmamma. Snow has returned, for which er pupo got a sledge. He found it fun for approximately 4.7 seconds (approximately, I say, could have been anything from 4.6 to 4.8) then got bored, climed off and insisted to be carried by papá. Hmmm... it might be very useful for getting boy to daycare and back. On the other hand, all depends on will of small boy. Big will of small boy.

20 months soon, still more or less baldy, loads of cheek, loads of energy and loads of love. Wouldn't swap him.


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