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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back to normal plus 10%

He is healthy. DEFINITELY healthy. Too healthy. It's like he has bonus energy and feels the need to run around trashing the house and being generally mental all day. But, heheh! For 8 hours a day, that isn't MY house.
He's also eating constantly and keeps waking up at night and crying because he is hungry. You'd think he hadn't eaten for a week. Oh, yeah, well, yeah. I guess.

Just in time to poison him again with a trip to the hospital on Thursday for his MMR. Normally this would be done at the surgery, but er pupo is allergic to egg, so they need to do it at the hospital "just in case." Just in case of WHAT? Well, if only I knew. Then again, perhaps it's better I don't know... MMR is cultured in an egg (or something) so goodness knows what will happen when they inject it into him.

Meanwhile, my laptop is BUSTED big time. 9 months old apple. Everyone said: "oh, get an apple, they're the best, bla bla, noone ever regrets getting an apple." Not till NOW! Thankfully, US warranty will pay up as she needs a new motherboard. How is that even possible on a 9 month old machine?! Hard drive is allegedly safe. We'll see... the work stuff is all backed up, but what about the important things like all my photos of er pupo? And my slightly embarassing downloads from itunes? (No, of course I didn't burn them onto cds, because I assumed my ninemonth old mac was made of tougher stuff.) Did I mention she was only 9 months old?! Poor baby has been sent to Reykjavik for said new motherboard and will be returned in due course. I have to pay for some "admin" expenses (hah! Sending an email to America and waiting for them to send the cheque) but at least I don't have to pay for a whole new laptop.


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