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Monday, January 15, 2007

There's always a bright side

1) It's not broken, just torn ligaments all over the shop.
2) I didn't lose all my teeth. This should not be underestimated. Given that despite both hands being thrust out in front of me I still ended up with a mouthfull of snow, and peeling it off my goggles, I imagine were it not for the said torn ligaments, I would be looking like an extra from Fight Club and facing bankruptcy. Dentistry is completely private here (including for kids!) and completely cartel-ified. I'll settle for 50 quid and a couple of hours hanging about A&E for exrays.

And when I wrote "river"? You know I mean "burn." About 30cm at it's deepest point. Which of course was the point at which I went in, and the point at which the ski remained. One metre later it was about 5cm deep and lots of pretty stones. You should have heard that bubbling burn. Pretty, pretty sounds.

But I'm looking on the bright side! It wasn't a tidal navigable river.

Back to sofa, hubby has been ordered to bring home the goods (i.e. choccie). Er pupo will have to go to daycare tomorrow, cold and fever notwithstanding as I cannot impose on my buddies to do boy-lifting again. And he'll have to go extra early, because hubby will have to take him before his class starts at 8am.

Maybe it's the drugs. But it's starting to be a little funny.


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