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Saturday, January 06, 2007

18 months

and a few hours. Since our life was turned upside down by the arrival of er pupo.

We have returned to Iceland, following a week in Italy and a week (including Christmas in Scotland). I'd like to say it's good to be back, but... do miss the eager (and free) babysitters. We had a great trip and a lovely Christmas with my folks in Scotland. We saw loads of relatives and friends and in Scotland drank our annual quota of scotch. yum yum.

We flew back to Iceland on 31 December, and got stuck in Reykjavik for two nights as there were no flights north till the 2nd; meanwhile, hubby and I both got flu and er pupo and I fell down a flight of steps on New Year's Day. Miraculously, he is ok, though I am still quite shaken by the whole experience. Having escaped injury, er pupo decided to compensate by throwing himself into a supporting wall (it's hard to explain, but quite simply, it hurt a lot and he got a massive lump and bruise). God punished me by breaking my 9 month old apple ibook, which is now in the shop and because i got it in the US, the warranty isn't valid here, so i expect megabills.

All in all, not the most fantastic start to the year (though admittedly a fine end to 2006). I plan to start over on 14th Jan, which is orthodox New Year. I think I'll pass on getting er pupo circumcised for it though...

work beckons, lots as usual, but this year brings with it a sabbatical. woohoo! And in the summer, the ferry will run from Seyjisfjordur to Scrabster, so it is likely we will go over with that, stack the car high and come back with whole piles of my old books which are too expensive to ship.

The year SHALL get better. It can only... (well, I won't say that, because I said that just before my mac packed up)


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