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Monday, October 09, 2006

Some signs of intelligence

Now, being quite honest, er pupo has not shown much in the way of Einsteinian tendencies. Ok, so, fair enough, expectations weigh rather heavily on the son of two doctors. (Drs Campbell will soon be able to attest.) He has been slow to crawl, slow to walk, slow to speak. (For those interested, currently he can only manage the first of these three.) And yet, today, with great determination, and a temper that involved three spoons being thrown angrily at the wall when it didn't quite work (or when mummy wouldn't let go), er pupo showed us that he can perfectly well eat a yoghurt, with a spoon, all by himself. I am no longer needed. And I'm kinda chuffed. But I'm most proud of all that I managed to get it on video with the digital camera! Er pupo, our hopes have not yet died. We'll keep them till you are a rebellious teenager, then give up utterly.

Bearing in mind the significant possibility that I won't be able to access this from China, I take my leave, wish myself góða ferð and shall be in touch in about a month.


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