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Monday, August 28, 2006


6.30-8.30pm er pupo clinging to mamma and whining
8.30pm to bed
9.30pm awake, full of the joys of spring, smiling, climbing, throwing all his toys all over the floor
10.30pm to bed.
10.40 TO BED, pupo.
10.50 Standing up in bed, singing, shaking cot bars and throwing Arnobio (patron saint of longsufference or something) out of cot, then whining till mamma gave it back, then thowing him out again...
mamma hanging over edge of cot, dosing off to be woken by er pupo eating her watch. (pupo's first rule of property: "if it is shiny, it is mine")
11pm, no, pupo, really TO BED, it is NIGHT TIME. your mamma hasn't slept since Wednesday and you must sleep now.
11.05pm er pupo crying in cot, because he wants to PLAY PLAY PLAY. Mamma weeping in bed, because she is so knackered she can't move her legs to get out of bed to go see pupo and tell him to behave himself.

It's wonderful to see him full of energy again; just wish I could say the same for myself. If you are well enough to play, my son, you are well enough for your routine today and there shall be no nonsense about it!

His temperature is right down, but the antibiotics have upset his tummy and given him a horrible nappy rash. He's not over the ear infection and there'll be more pain and tears, but for now he is up and down like an interval workout and every up is slightly upper than the last.


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