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Thursday, August 03, 2006

To wash or not to wash?

Arnobio. Er pupo's favourite thing in the whole world. It's a stuffed bear that's been in his cot since we came home from the hospital and at some point we realised that he loved it more than anything else, that as soon as we put him into his cot, he would look around for it to grab, that it would solve any problem that a breadstick could not. (I felt quite sorry for Bob, a soft toy that had also been in the cot, but Bob is tough and can take the rejection.)

But Arnobio stinks. And not in a good way. Is there a good way to stink? Or is stink a word that can have only negative connotations. Unlike smell, or give of odour, vapour, perfume.... I digress. The bear has BO. He has been slept on for months and vomitted on on more than one ocassion. And we're not talking innocent breast-milk vomit either. This was the real home cooked carrots and sautéd apple. Er pupo doesn´t mind, but when Arnobio is being put to the task of 'comfort the screaming child who has just whacked his head. Again.' and is in mamma's arms, mamma gets positively giddy from the perfume. Which is rather dangerous, since she is holding a child who has already whacked his head. Again.

So to wash? And we'll have no pansy suggestions involving damp cloths, thank you. We´ve tried that and it doesn't cut it. The odeur pervades. Not to mention the stains. So it's washing machine or... or what? Or we live with the stink. Personally, I don't think my washing machine is up to the challenge and l'eau d'Arnob will remain, albeit more of an eau du toilette than a pure parfum. But how long will he take to dry? And what will er pupo do in the meantime? When he whacks his head? Or needs to go to sleep?


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