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Saturday, April 15, 2006

A little etymology

With some regularity, I discover words in Icelandic that bear more than a passing similarity to those of Caithness dialect. House is hús (pronounced hoos), one goes út (oot), to cry is að gráta (growta), to go to somewhere is to go tíl. On Thursday, we learned one more, particularly fitting for er pupo, which is að blaðra (blathra), which is quite literaly, to blether; er pupo is a blaðrari, a blether.

He is still quite chuffed which his papá and shows no likelihood of managing mamma any time soon, nor any interest in the attempt. He chats away to himself constantly, especially in his high chair and it is quite a delight to watch his little face frown in concentration as he makes a new sound and listens to himself.

Happy Easter


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