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Friday, February 24, 2006


busy, busy, having to earn my keep, pay the mortgage, raise a son, you know, the usual. I'd consider retiring, but the RomabĂ­ll failed her MOT this morning. On the other hand, pupo's complaint with little chef is now with their legal team, so who knows? Maybe we'll get a big enough pay off for a new car. Then again...

Work is hectic, trying to run a law school with no money. Home is good. Pupo is adorable. Babysitter is booked and hubby and I have a "date" tonight for the first time in months. We'll go to the movies and might splash out on a wee dram afterwards.

I'm probably off to Washington, DC next month, courtesy of my students who happily won a moot court competition and are off to the finals. I'm the "coach" and they beg me to go. No, really, they beg me. Next year, I'll need to find them a competition in Barbados. Did I tell you hubby and I nearly moved to Barbados? Ah, another time...


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