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Thursday, January 26, 2006

ooooo be afraid

So the little chef replied to my complaint. I was kindly informed that the Tomatin little chef is "earmarked for closure" which is why they haven't bothered to heat the disabled loo (for 20 years!) and that managers "could" borrow a portable heater if they wanted. To top it off, I was given, wait for it, a 10 pounds voucher to be used in any little chef by the end of June. Pupo's medicine and hospital trip probably amount to 60 or 70 before we start! I almost relish the opportunity to reply to them. The word "derisory" will be in there at least once.

Pupo, on the other hand, is finally recovering. He went to the doc on Tuesday and his lungs are tip top again. He still has a slight cough so should get the inhaler till it is totally gone and will need it again if he gets a cough or cold in the future, but for now, the bronchitis and bronchiolitis are licked. Yeehah! The tummy ache and nappy rash are related; if a fungal infection on the butt isn't bad enough, the antibiotics also allowed a fungal infection in the stomach. Gross. But even that is almost gone and pupo is eating and drinking again.

Work is good, productive; hubby has settled at home and now can actually go out for a walk with boy now and again.


  • At 7:06 PM, Blogger S.A.H.M. said…

    We're driving down south in June if you want your voucher to go to a good home! :)


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