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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Getting There....

Not only was pupo suffering from nappy rash, but he had a sore tummy too and wouldn't drink his milk. He was thristy and would eagerly grab the bottle and suck, but after a few seconds would start to cry and kick his legs. On Friday evening, we phoned the duty dr to ask if it would be ok to stop the antibiotics and he agreed. Pupo is a different person! He is so perky, drinking and eating well again and his butt is well on the road to recovery. He's still taking his inhalers and is very good about it - he needs one 4 times a day and the other twice a day, two puffs of 15 seconds for each, but he doesn't complain and actually tries to hold the inhaler thing. Or maybe he's just a big drug addict (he is remarkably perky after the steroids!)

Today, the daughter of pupo's godmother was christened today. I went, but pupo and hubby stayed home as we were worried about spreading our germs. She has a huge family and they all had babies last year, so it is always a joy to see them. Welcome to the family of God, little girl.


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